Top SEO Boosting Twitter Tips For Law Firms

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Whatever Social media and SEO services you may be seeking, law firms today can’t ignore Twitter marketing. The microblogging giant, after all has the potential to propel your website visitor numbers, in addition to boosting your brand building efforts and inspiring trust in your organization.

The key lies in understanding the medium and using it in the most efficient manner. The following are the top practices that can help you achieve twitter success:

Build your brand on Twitter: To start with, if you haven’t already done so, get your firm’s website on Twitter. For better recognition, try to get your brand as your Twitter handle; but if the handle’s already taken, something close will work too. For instance, if your website’s name is “XYZ Consultants”, your Twitter handle could be “XYZ Consultants”.

In addition, put up your website’s logo as your profile picture on Twitter, fill in your bio details on your Twitter account, and make sure you feature your website’s link on your profile so users can visit your site.

Encourage visitors to tweet your content: All pages of your website, especially those where you upload fresh content regularly must have a ‘Tweet’ option. In addition to that in order to encourage visitors to share your content add a call to action at the bottom of the page. For instance, you could say something like, “Found the advice here useful, tweet it here and share the information with your network.’

Often it is this gentle nudge that makes all the difference between a tweeted and an un-tweeted post. In fact you may also add a ‘Follow Me on Twitter’ button to encourage visitors who like your post to become your followers.

Do some tweeting of your own: Twitter is all about sharing whatever you find interesting with those in your network, as well as the rest of the lot.

So, be active on Twitter – make it a point to share all your fresh content, guest posts, etc, with your network. However, don’t let that be the ‪raison d’être for your existence on twitter.

You don’t always have to tweet about law or legal matters, participate in trending conversations on the platform to get more users to notice you, and re-tweet something interesting from your followers so that your Twitter activity doesn’t appear to be a mere brand-building exercise.

Also, make sure that you tweet regularly and are not seen as someone that registers sudden spurts of bulk-tweets after long gaps of radio silence. The idea is to ensure your twitter activity looks natural and genuine.

Use short links that are indexed by search engines: Twitter lets you use URL shorteners when tweeting links. While it may be convenient to post shorter URLs, make sure that the tool you use gets indexed by search engines; otherwise your tweeting efforts could be futile.

URL shorteners that use 301 redirect codes attribute link activity to your website and can help improve your website rankings. For instance, and use 301 redirects.

Use Twitter cards for more dynamic tweeting: A part of Twitter’s Open Graph Protocol offering, Twitter Cards are a great way to customize your Twitter posts. The feature lets you add media such as images, links, videos, etc, within your tweets, thus offering the following key benefits:

  • Your posts appear a lot more attractive to your followers.
  • It’s a great way to drive more visitors to your content.

These tips will definitely help you improve your twitter game and play a crucial role in making your Social Media and overall SEO strategy more impactful.

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