Litigation Consulting:

KLN Consulting offers comprehensive services associated with 3 phases of litigation.

  1. File Creation/Document Organization – This service is an ideal primer for junior associates and solo practitioners who need assistance setting up there case files, such as conflicts forms, client intake information, correspondence, discovery, and pleadings in preparation for discovery and trial.  With the appropriate filing system, document management will be facile, more billable time can be devoted to advocating for his/her client, and less time being wasted trying to locate important documents/potential exhibits repeatedly.
  2. Discovery/eDiscovery – These services are designed for but not limited to small/mid sized law firms and corporate legal departments.  Often times, the discovery process boils down to determining the most cost effective way of complying with the ever changing rules involving producing and receiving documents, and conducting a reliable, yet thorough, review of same. Firms and Corporate Counsel no longer need to have enormous Litigation Support Departments to analyze and make recommendations of how to deal with Electronically Stored Information (ESI).  KLN Consulting has the technical knowledge of electronic discovery and document review expertise to manage the entire vendor vetting RFP process for both the eDiscovery component, as well as the document review aspect of hiring contract attorney reviewers for any kind of Discovery project.
  3. Mock Trial, Pre-Trial, and Trial Consulting – Arguably the most expensive aspect of litigation is trial preparation and actually attending trial.  Many issues can be flushed out in settlement/ADR, however, mock trials are invaluable tools to predict the strengths and weaknesses of cases.  KLN Consulting can provide assistance with setting up mock trials, organizing trial exhibits, vetting vendors and managing the RFP process for graphic designers in preparation for demonstrative exhibit creation, courtroom trial technology consultants, and “war room” set up at near by hotels/offsite locations.

Diversity Consulting:

KLN Consulting offers law firms and corporate counsel assistance with developing and implementing diversity awareness and inclusion action plan.  This may involve establishing internal diversity committees that are designed to educate their employees about inclusion.  Many firms see the value of diversity but cannot afford hiring a full-time manager nor have the ability to execute a strategy to implement both internal and external diversity education and programming goals.  KLN Consulting Group focuses on 3 areas:

  1. Internal Diversity Programming – Celebrating Diversity is proven to build morale and increase work productivity.  It is a simple correlation; people are more likely to excel in their jobs if they feel like an integral part of the “team.” KLN Consulting Group will evaluate your firm/office’s corporate culture, identify key staff members who can assist in implementing a committee, and provide workplace inclusion training/programming.
  2. Attraction and Retention – Some firms/legal departments have difficulty attracting diverse talent, while others tout their record of attracting diverse talent, yet, their biggest challenge is retention.  KLN Consulting Group will develop realistic and practical strategies to achieve the success of hiring and retaining a talented diverse workforce.
  3. External Diversity Programming – Some law firms and corporate counsel may want to receive recognition for their diversity efforts and/or would like to invite the surrounding legal community to share in their Diversity Celebrations but do not have a large budget to accomplish this.  KLN Consulting Group will organize and plan external events on your company’s behalf and assist with the marketing and promotion to improve its success.

Professional Development/Social Media Consulting:

KLN Consulting Group is skilled in the professional development of legal professionals.  Recently, its President & CEO spoke at the California Minority Counsel Program’s annual conference title “Beauty” in San Francisco on this topic and is the Founder of the annual LinkedIn Downtown SF Networking Group’s Career Mentorship & Entrepreneurship Symposium, which is co-sponsored by Golden Gate University.  This event is designed to offer resume writing, interviewing, and networking tips for jobseekers as well as “rebranding” individuals who desire to transition to another career/practice area.  In the social media/business development arena, KLN Consulting Group is an expert in creating an online social media presence for individuals and small companies.  It has been featured in various blogs, such as Yahoo and LinkedIn, and is often quoted in news outlets such as the Examiner, CNN Money, MarketWatch, and the Wall Street Journal. Here are some of its service offerings:

  1. New Associate/Jr. Counsel Mentoring – Law firms and corporate counsel need to invest in their young talent by steering them in the right direction early on so that they develop a robust practice.  There is value in networking and learning how to meet and generate new clients.  KLN Consulting Group will teach these junior level legal professionals the confidence and necessary skills to be outgoing ambassadors of their firms/companies and assist them with their progression through the ranks of Sr. Counsel to Partner/General Counsel.
  2. Social Media Marketing, Public Relations, and Communications – Many small law firms and companies do not have the internal budgets to hire in-house marketers/PR professionals, yet understand the importance of building their presence and going after new business.  Under the firm/company’s direction, KLN Consulting  Group will create the company’s online presence via such social networking sites as LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter, and develop a social media marketing campaign to attract visitors to the company’s website and draw potential clients to want to learn more about the company’s products and/or services.  KLN Consulting will also develop strategies to obtain new clients and/or develop a loyal customer fan base.
  3. Attorney Professional Development – There is an increasing need for attorneys to distinguish themselves from their competition.  Although recent studies show that a personal referral is still the best way to find an attorney, the majority of potential clients will conduct their own investigative research to verify that that this recommendation is accurate by reading blogposts, case decisions, etc.  Therefore, KLN Consulting Group will work one on one with attorneys to develop their professional brand online and substantiate why they are the right choice for representation.

Business Development Consulting:

KLN Consulting Group as recently been assisting startup companies in the following areas:

  1. Entity Formation – Partnering with lawyers and law firms to assist in determining the best legal structure for their business, such as forming a C Corporation, S Corporation, Limited Liability Company (LLC), Limited Liability Partnership (LLP), nonprofit organization, social impact venture, etc.
  2. Finance, Accounting, and Tax – Partnering with a vast amount of finance and accounting professionals to create a solid team to track inventory, price setting, and tax monitoring/preparation.
  3. Product Manufacturing and Distribution – Utilizing relationships to identify facilities where products can be produced, packaged, designed, and distributed.
  4. PR and Marketing – Develop a robust website, social media strategy and engagement, brand, messaging, press release, radio, television, YouTube, flier, digital billboard, etc. campaigns to increase sales.
  5. Strategic Planning and Expansion – Partner with attorneys and other professionals for growth including establishing a headquarters, contracting with independent contractors and other service providers, hiring employees, payroll and other Human Resource functions.