Some of the programs and initiatives that we are presently working on involve:

  1. Company Culture Assessment:
    Before a company can truly evaluate its diversity, equity, and inclusion strategy, it is important to assess how a company treats all of its employees, regardless of ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, veteran status, or disability.  Moreover, it is useful knowing how a company’s employees feel about the company they work for in an anonymous format.  Thus, the Company Culture Assessment can determine how the company’s mission lives within its employees and whether or not employees feel like they are treated like valuable human beings.
  2. Operations Overhaul:
    The goal of the Operations Overhaul is to improve work environments and morale in order to increase productivity.  Companies fail to make their work environments desirable.  Gone are the days when people just went to work because they need a paycheck, especially in tech.  Employees bounce around to different companies every 6 months trying to find the perfect opportunity, where work-life balance, competitive salary, and comfortable work environment meet.  If that doesn’t exist in your company, let us devise a plan to create this environment at your company.
  3. Diversity Council and ERG Creation:
    Creating Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (“DEI”) Senior Executive Leadership Councils that understand the business case of why DEI is invaluable, is essential developing and executing an inclusion strategy. Many companies do not know how to make the business case for diversity, nor know how to stand up such councils and resource groups. Let us do this for you. Projected hours depends on the size of the organization and scope.
  4. Instituting Reverse Mentorship Programs:  
    Often times, there’s a disconnect between older and younger employees and diverse versus non-diverse employees. Let us develop and implement reverse mentorship programs where both can to learn from one another and establish parity within the organization. Projected hours depends on the size of the organization and scope.
  5. Customizable Training:
    Let us train your executives, managers, supervisors, and staff on various DEI related topics to make your organization more successful utilizing organizational development, adaptive learning, design thinking, and systems thinking approaches. Projected hours depends on the size of the organization and scope. A specific proposal and statement of work would need to be developed.
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