An Iridescent Look at Activities During LegalTech New York

By: Kevin L. Nichols


(SAN FRANCISCO, January 19, 2012)  This week, I will highlight some of the upcoming industry events that will be taking place during “The Show.”  In previous years that I attended LegalTech, I felt like a “fish out of water” because I either did not know of anything to do after The Show ended for the day or was not “connected” enough to be invited to various receptions, parties, or gatherings.  Thus, I will share some of events that I am aware of that may not be affiliated with The Show or just may not have been publicized well.  Many of these events require registration or to be on a guest list, so as a disclaimer, you will have to verify that you can attend them on your own, but at least you will know about them in advance and can perform the necessary legwork to get access.


January 30, 2012

Kroll Ontrack Welcome Cocktail Reception – 5pm

Edge Legal Marketing hosted a similar reception last year in the main ballroom.  This year, Kroll Ontrack will provide food and beverages for hundreds of guests and it will take place at 5pm.  The only caveat is that you have to either be an exhibitor or a paid conference attendee in order to attend.  (Please see the ad on page 6 of the link above for more information.)


B-Discovery Party – New York Chapter – 9pm

Every year, B-Discovery rents out a location near the Hilton and hosts a party.  Wave Software and Intelligent Discovery Solutions will sponsor this charitable event benefitting the Harwood Center, an early intervention agency for children with special needs.  There is a $10 requested donation and you have to visit the link above to join the mailing list, which will ultimately provide you the location.  The festivities start at 9pm.


January 31, 2012

OLP Meet ‘N Greet – 7am

The Organization of Legal Professionals will host its annual breakfast sponsored by Digital War Room.  The event is free and it will be held at Georgio’s Country Grill (9th & 53rd Streets), however, you must RSVP by emailing or calling (760) 610-5462.  Space is limited.


NYC 2012 LegalTech Solo/Small Firm Meetup – 5:30pm

This event is geared for small law firms and solo practitioners.  It will be held at Bann Restaurant,

350 W. 50th St (8th Avenue) in New York and there is a cost involved for dinner.  Please visit the link above to RSVP.


Access Staffing, Smart Data and Lateral Data’s Annual LegalTech Party 2012 – 8:00pm

This will be a party featuring live music by Lance Doss.(Guitar and Vocals), Justin Jordan (Guitar and Vocals), Pail Page (Bass), Steve Holly, (Drums and Wings), Ian Hunter, John Cale, and Dion.  It will take place at The Three Monkey’s at 236 West 54th and 8th Ave.  which is in walking distance from the Hilton.  You must RSVP via the link above to attend and space is limited.


I cannot stress enough to attend as many of the workshops, panels, and presentations at the LegalTech Show that you possibly can.  It will definitely be worth it.  If you work hard, you deserve to play hard, so I encourage you to partake in some of the extracurricular activities that I have listed above.  I have attended many of them and enjoyed myself.  I was able to network with other industry professionals and establish prosperous relationships.  There are still other events out there but are mostly hospitality suites or private gatherings for clients only.  Whatever you choose, please be safe and dress warm!  I hope to see some of you at The Show.



Kevin L. Nichols is the Principal of KLN Consulting Group located in San Francisco, which specializes in Litigation, Diversity and Business Development/Social Media consulting.

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Hidden Gems in Legal Technology

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Hidden Gems in Legal Technology 3/29/2011

By: Kevin L. Nichols

2011-03-28 04:14:32 PM

LegalTech New York is arguably the marquee legal technology conference of the year. It is heavily vendor driven, with more than 100 vendors exhibiting their products and services to both law firm and corporate IT, litigation/practice support and procurement managers from all over the world. The “show,” as it is affectionately referenced, typically features the latest in e-discovery technology based on the EDRM reference model. However, there were other vendors demonstrating how their software can elevate the efficiency and security of the practice of law, and these are the “hidden gems” that I found at this year’s show.


American Legal Net offers the “No. 1 Desktop to Courthouse Workflow Solution” in its suite of products called Forms WorkFlow, eDockets Critical Dates and eFiling Portal. The cycle begins with eDockets, which is a critical date management tool that ensures all deadlines are met. It captures client/matter billing numbers, calculates dates based on eFiling receipts and preloaded rule sets, and synchronizes with Microsoft Outlook. It can be deployed using an intranet or over an existing Sharepoint environment.

Forms WorkFlow is a nationwide solution of more than 60,000 fillable Word or PDF court forms that allows the user to autofill the case caption, attorneys contact information, etc., to save time, energy and money. Then, the eFiling Portal can file and track the documents, and start the cycle all over again.

There were some intriguing features: 1) eDockets has an attorney change utility that seamlessly transfers matters previously assigned to an attorney, who may no longer be with the firm, to another attorney; 2) eFiling has a “smart conversion” feature that automatically shrinks the file size of a PDF to ensure that it can be e-filed (which I am certain legal secretaries will be very happy about); and 3) When a new matter is added, the software automatically downloads the first few filings in the matter for

free. Having worked in law firms for more than a decade, I can see that these software products and services are a complete solution that could be useful in any busy litigation firm.


Biscom has a product called Biscom Delivery Server (BDS), which is a secure transfer application that allows users to send and receive large files easily and securely. It exists behind the law firm’s firewall and uses a separate JavaScript applet to the user’s web browser to upload enormously large files. Through the system, the user can send encrypted documents via email with a hyperlink to download the compressed zipped files within an expiring time frame. Law firms can track when the documents where accessed and downloaded. While this seems basic, this service is incredibly useful to law firms.

BDS can alleviate the need for law firms to purchase CDs, DVDs or hard drives, or send out projects to vendors that they can do in house. For example, if a firm has internally “brief-cased” or scanned a large document set to produce to opposing counsel, it no longer has to burn the production onto a disk, draft a cover letter, affix the appropriate postage to a mailing envelop, etc., to get the production out the door. With BDS, an attorney can send the documents as a link enclosed with a cover email, track when it has been received and retain a copy of what was sent. Additionally, BDS integrates with iManage and works with Sharepoint. One concern with BDS is that it may not meet the “service” standards outlined in federal and state rules. Thus, I would recommend that any party reach an agreement with counsel before relying on such methods to exchange sensitive documents.


TrialPad for iPad is an easy-to-use trial presentation software that is slick and robust. The user can connect a projector or whatever is already set up in the courtroom to an iPad and access documents and exhibits. Not only can you edit or annotate the documents “on the fly,” but you can minimize and maximize the text of a document, highlight text, pull up web pages and even play video. Organizing documents and files is simple and the results are powerful. If you are a Mac user, you will fall in love with this app and save money by eliminating costly trial consultants for your cases that make it to trial.


RealPractice offers affordable marketing solutions for lawyers and law firms. RealPractice builds an attractive and effective website with all of the search engine optimization needed to increase your rankings to the top of search engine results, which ultimately leads to generating more new business. For firms that do not already utilize their own customer relationship management software, it allows them to keep track of contacts, clients and potential clients. Moreover, it manages the conversion from visitors of one’s website to actual clients. The software can create and maintain new matters and can even generate invoices. Furthermore, RealPractice is all “cloud-based,” so there are no issues with maintaining the site on the firm’s servers, nor any IT security risks.

RealPractice allows “low tech” lawyers to rely on an affordable service provider to make them look good online. In an ever-changing world, where traditional marketing is nearly a thing of the past and social media/networking is changing the landscape of how companies attract new customers, there is nothing wrong with allowing an experienced company that has specialized in the legal industry for more than 10 years to handle an aspect of the business that an attorney knows (or cares to know) little about.

From the numerous service providers at the LegalTech Show, these were the “gems” that stood out as really helping law firms do what they were created for, which is to practice law. American Legal Net, Biscom, Trial Pad for iPad and RealPractice are four companies that saw a void in the industry and are trying to fill it in their own unique way.

Kevin L. Nichols is the Principal of KLN Consulting Group located in San Francisco. For more information, please visit

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