Typically a Complex and Expensive Process, this Software Makes Collection So Simple, Anyone Can Do It in Just Minutes!

(January 19, 2011)  PORTLAND, Ore.  Corporate legal departments, law firms, and law enforcement cannot afford to spend exuberant amounts of money on litigation with their budgets tightening and are forced to consider other options to stay solvent.  Affirm Discovery’s Native File Collect software allows these entities to reduce their legal expenses by an estimated 70% or more.  It is an intuitive, self-contained (no software installs), and forensically sound application used to collect data from electronic devices in minutes.  Affirm Discovery and its President, Michael A. Bean, will be an exhibitor at the LegalTech Show in New York from January 31-February 2, 2011.

Historically, forensic data collection has been an extremely complicated, time consuming, and expensive process that required multiple experts, additional equipment, and often times, 3rd party vendors.  Native File Collect minimizes the burden of compiling, restoring, filtering, and organizing data by using one, all encompassing solution.  Minimal training is required and it is so simple that anyone including  support staff can be taught how to collect the data using Affirm Discovery’s defensible collection process.  Some of Native File Collect’s latest features include exporting filtered data to a responsive PST file, tagging and filtering of records, forensic image mounting, and collection of web-based email (currently supporting Gmail).

Affirm Discovery is a software company based out of Portland, Oregon.  Its executive team is comprised of court certified computer and forensic experts with over 15-20 years in the industry.  Its flagship product, Native File Collect is the most cost effective, client controlled, and intuitive software available.  If you are planning to attend LegalTech, please stop by Booth #2409 in the Exhibitor Hall

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If you would like more information about this product or to schedule an interview with the President of Affirm Discovery, Michael A. Bean, please call Kevin L. Nichols at (415) 690-6892 or email him at

Contact:  Kevin L. Nichols

Tel: (415) 690-7109

Cel: (415) 690-6892


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