Kevin L. Nichols via Knoodle
Kevin L. Nichols via Knoodle

KLN Consulting Group’s Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q:  What does KLN Consulting Group actually do?

A:  Essentially, KLN Consulting Group helps lawyers, law firms, and legal industry vendors either win litigation cases (via high quality demonstrative evidence or technology consulting), attract and maintain top diverse talent, or generate legal industry specific content in the form of articles and/or blogposts to targeted audiences with greater precision than traditional marketers, while providing fresh SEO content to increase their websites or blogs’ brand.

Q:  How can KLN Consulting Group help me in my practice?

A:  By managing the request for proposal (RFP) process to insure that you are using the most appropriate eDiscovery solutions based upon your budget by vetting vendors, researching the competition, and making sound recommendations on a product/solution.

It can also assist you with recruiting and retaining diverse talent and hosting diversity related events to raise awareness about your firm’s efforts.

KLN can build your online presence so that your attorneys and firms can be found via your website, social media engagement, and your firm’s blog.

Q:  How can KLN Consulting Group help me win my case?

A:  By flushing out the key themes of your case and strategizing on the most compelling and cost effective way to demonstrate your evidence, whether it is through story-boards, graphics, or 3D animation.

Q:  How does KLN Consulting Group help law firms with diversity?

A:  By developing practical recruitment and retention policies, creating useful affinity groups and productive diversity programs, and by organizing diversity related events to invite potential clients and the surrounding legal community to your firm to increase its visibility.

Q:  How can KLN Consulting Group help me to develop new business?

A:  By helping you determine your target audience, create original, focused, and relevant content for either your website or blog, monitor the traffic to same, and distribute your content via social media on your behalf so that potential clients/customers find you online.

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