KLN Consulting Group has been an innovator in the San Francisco Bay Area Legal Community for over 15 years.  It specializes in providing legendary service in three distinct areas for solo practitioners, law firms, and corporate counsel, #1 Litigation  #2 Diversity, and #3 Professional/Business Development utilizing social media.

Kevin L. Nichols is the Principal of KLN Consulting Group.  Kevin has worked in multifaceted capacities in some of the most prolific international law firms in the country, such as Morrison & Foerster, Paul Hastings, Heller Ehrman, and Holland & Knight.  There, he has garnered relationships with some of the most influential and well respected legal minds in the industry, as well as junior associates who through attrition, are now Counsel for some of the top Fortune 1000 companies.  Kevin is the President & CEO of KLN Publishing, LLC, and has been published in The Recorder, Law.com, the American Bar Association’s Business Law Corporate Counsel eNewsletter, and Law & Technology News.  Kevin has also been the West Coast Regional Sales Manager for a litigation e-Discovery processing & hosting software company based out of Dallas.

Kevin’s involvement with diversity has been an extension of his legal experience.  Developing diversity programs at several firms, most recently at Holland & Knight LLP, and interfacing with the legal community has enabled Kevin to create a proactive and reputable personal brand of excellence.  While at Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory’s Affirmative Action and Diversity Program, Kevin monitored the diversity matrices, which included salary, rate of promotion, matriculation, etc. regarding the age, gender, and ethnicity of employees at the laboratory and provided analysis regarding same.  As Executive Director of the California Diversity Council (CADC), Kevin strategically advises on event planning, programming, and membership development.  This February, the CADC hosted the Diversity and Leadership Conference featuring Donna Brazile and Dr. Cornell West as its keynote speakers.

Finally, Kevin has become a social networking expert.  He is the founder of two professional networking LinkedIn groups in the Bay Area with roughly 3,000 members combined, that meet regularly to identify business goals and objectives and facilitate referrals to achieve same.  He organizes monthly and quarterly events to bring the Bay Area business community together and creates career-networking opportunities for those who he encounters.  Mr. Nichols’s social networking prowess and capabilities have been featured on LinkedIn’s Hall of Fame, Yahoo’s Blog, in the Examiner, CNN Money, MarketWatch and the Wall Street Journal.  Millions can see Kevin when they login to LinkedIn.

 Kevin L. Nichols

Kevin L. Nichols
KLN Consulting Group

Featured Industry Expert in Berkeley on Gig Salad

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  1. Lakita Long says:

    Hi Kevin, did you go to Cal Berkeley? If so what years did you go.

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